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Health Coaching and Motivational Interviewing Programs and Resources

Chronic Care Professional Certification 5.0    

CCP 5.0 includes the definitive manual for health coaching across the care continuum—with medical care guidelines and shared decision-making tools for 30 chronic conditions. Each module is accompanied by interactive online learning activities to build new skills in four core competencies Learn more >


Chronic Care Professional Manual 5.0    

The CCP 5.0 color manual is available for purchase for $249.95 (Ships Free!). And if purchaser enrolls in CCP within 30 days of purchase he or she is eligible for a 25% ($349) reduction on the tuition fee (Enter code MAN25). CCP enrolled or certified professionals may purchase the manual for $149.95 (Enter code CCPC). Learn more >




CCP Recertification
  HealthSciences Institute encourages Chronic Care Professionals to stay abreast of developments in the rapidly advancing fields of population-based health and disease management. Accordingly, Chronic Care Professional (CCP) certification is valid for three years. Your certification expires on the last day of the month of your certification period. You may apply for recertification up to 90 days prior, or, 90 days after the end of your certification period. For example, if your certification period ends in December 2014, you may apply for recertification any time between October 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015. Learn more >


Registered Health Coach (RHC-I) Program
  The RHC-I credential requires completion of three training requirements: 1. CCP Health Coach Program, 2. RHC Motivational Interviewing (MI) Intensive, and 3. MI Health Coaching Webinar Series. In addition, candidates must submit a recording of a health coaching session which is assessed using the independently validated Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA). Individuals who demonstrate RHC-I-level proficiency in evidence-based health coaching via the HCPA are awarded RHC-I. Students may register and complete each requirement sequentially, or, save over $700 by registering for the entire program (which includes CCP). 
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MI Health Coaching Webinar Series

The HealthSciences Institute MI Health Coaching Webinar Series is an excellent distance learning option for practitioners new to MI health coaching, as well as experienced MI practitioners interested in building specialized MI health coaching skills. The webinar series may be completed alone or following the CCP program or the RHC MI Intensive. Five or more registrants from the same team or organization are eligible for a 20% reduction in the tuition fee ($200).

Options for Participation:

The MI Health Coaching Webinar Series is available for viewing via On-Demand.

Purchasing the On-Demand series. This will allow the participant to view a previous season of the MI Health Coaching Webinar Series at their leisure.



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RHC Motivational Interviewing (MI) Intensive    

The RHC Motivational Interviewing (MI) Intensive is an alternative for individuals and organizations who prefer a self-directed, spaced learning framework that saves travel and lodging costs, as well as time away from work. It is also a great option for smaller organizations who do not meet the minimum requirement of 25 for an in-house workshop or organizations of any size who would like anytime access to training as new employees come on board. The new program has been designed, developed and evaluated by a team of doctoral-level experts in online learning, health coaching and MI in health care.
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Evidence-Based Health Coaching: Motivational Interviewing in Action DVD    

Validated in over 300 clinical studies, motivational interviewing (MI) remains the most patient-centered and effective approach for supporting better patient engagement and activation, disease self-care, treatment adherence and lifestyle management. This is the first MI video training series especially designed for clinicians who serve individuals at risk of, or affected by, chronic diseases. Whether you are serving in a wellness, disease management, or care management program—or a primary or specialty care setting, hospital or community program—this series will help you build the practical MI knowledge and skills you need to support your patient health and address the behavioral factors that are responsible for over 85% of avoidable health care costs. Learn more >




Registered Health Coach (RHC) Final Proficiency Assessment    

Upon completion of the training requirements, and participating in any additional self-study, practice or coaching sessions with a MINT health care specialist as needed, an RHC candidate submits a representative audio sample of work with an actual patient (de-identified) or a real health coaching session with a friend or colleague. This sample is evaluated by a MINT, HCPA-certified professional using an externally validated measure of MI health coaching proficiency (HCPA). Learn more >


HCPA Individual Assessment & Feedback Session    
  Clinical studies find that receiving an objective evaluation of a health coach's skill in best practice health coaching (via a standardized, validated tool) combined with expert feedback, is key for building motivational interviewing health coaching proficiency. Like any complex skill, such as playing golf, or learning a musical instrument or new language, feedback and coaching are essential to progress and proficiency. Learn more >


Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA) Certification Program    
  The HCPA certification program includes a webinar-based training program, HCPA coding manual, access to the web-based data entry and reporting system, practice coding experience and a final proficiency assessment. Upon completion of the training, participants will receive HCPA certification. HCPA certified professionals are eligible to license the web-based data entry portal and reporting system for their employers or clients. Learn more >


Chronic Care Professional Certification 5.0 Extension Request

To purchase a one year extension to the Chronic Care Professional Certification Program click here >


RHC MI Intensive Program Extension Request

If for whatever reason you are unable to complete the program in twelve weeks, you may request a one-time extension of four weeks upon submitting a $100 administrative fee. Extension requests must be submitted prior to the twelve-week completion deadline. To purchase an extension click here >